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A friend in need is a friend, indeed.

8 Jan

So, I had the good fortunate recently to live with a (semi-)new friend for four months.  I have known this person since my first year of undergrad but had never really shared company on a one-one basis until, after moving back to Ontario to resume employment as an amateur biologist, the two of us ended up as roommates in the residence of a mutual friend.



What touched me so much about this friend was her strength;  I knew she had lost her mother years before, and her constant cheerfulness and motivation are an immense inspiration to me.  I guess what I saw in her was how losing a loved one can temper ourselves to be amazing, to love ourselves and others and each day we have!  Thanks friend.

If you haven’t guessed, the drawing above is her mother (pilfered from a bedside photo, muahaha… I’m so sneaky), a moving-away and thank you gift. YAY!